Pricing Brochure


The old uniforms below can still be worn until 2023 if new stock is unavailable.


Student Expectations

Kaitaia College aims to provide an environment where students are able to grow and reach their potential not only academically and intellectually, but also emotionally and socially. Growth in all these areas is a two-way process.  The school may provide the environment and challenges, but there must be active and positive participation by the students if they are to make good use of their time at school.

School Guiding Principles:

  • Respect yourself.
  • Respect others in our community.
  • Respect the environment.
  • Respect the school's reputation.

Second-hand uniforms may be available from the College.  An appointment is necessary to view them.

Physical education uniform:

Suitable shorts or track pants with a T-shirt. School PE-shirts in whanau colours are available from the main office.

Sports uniform:

Several of our sports teams have maroon shorts as part of their sports uniform, eg, soccer, rugby, basketball, athletics.


There are some items of clothing and footwear that ARE NOT ALLOWED as dress code or uniform.  There have been approved additions to the senior dress code. Claifications of these items are listed below.

All students:

  • NO SCARVES are permitted
  • White long sleeve skivvies worn under short sleeve t-shirts or the polo shirts are not allowed unless the polo is also white.
  • NO TIGHTS are to be worn without a skirt.
  • HATS/CAPS must be all black (including logos).
  • A rain coat may be worn on rainy days only.  It can only be worn to school and between classes.

​​​​​​​Parent information:

Any complaints are to be addressed to the Board of Trustees for consideration.

January 2022