BYMC: Bring Your Managed Chromebook

Parent and Student Information

Kaitaia College acknowledges that the 21st Century is increasingly complex, global and networked.  A ‘Bring Your Managed Chromebook’ (BYMC) platform will allow our tamariki to develop the skills and dispositions required to succeed in modern environments which will include digital examinations from 2020.

Why a Chromebook?

  • Price - the majority of Chromebooks cost significantly less than your average laptop
  • They are generally more durable than tablets and most Mac and PC laptops
  • Have a long battery life of 6+ hours
  • Speed of startup, so less time is spent in class waiting for them to start
  • Fewer security issues, with built-in virus and malware protection
  • With simpler technical support, most problems are resolved with a restart or settings reset
  • Aligns with Kaitaia College’s use of the Google Suite for Education.

Why a Managed Chromebook?

  • Having a student Chromebook ‘Managed’ allows only school accounts to be used during school hours, this ensures students are on task and are not distracted
  • Out-of-school hours students can use their personal Gmail accounts on Managed Chromebooks if they wish.
  • Allows for the ‘locking’ of lost or stolen devices rendering them unusable until returned.

Do I have to buy your Recommended Chromebook?

  • No, while we recommend the Acer C734 due to its durability any brand of Chromebook meeting our general Chromebook requirements should work.

Our general Chromebook requirements

  • A minimum screen size of 11 inches (minimum resolution 1366 x 768)
  • Battery life of 6+ hours
  • At least one USB-C port (with Power Delivery & DP)
  • 4GB of RAM
  • Fixed keyboard
  • Protective bag

Recommended Chromebook

We recommend the Acer C734 Chromebook.

These Acer Chromebooks can handle up to (60kg) of downward force on the top cover, while the reinforced case and hinges result in greater resistance to twisting and stress, even if students cram them into their backpacks.

In addition, the corner-shield structure and rubber bumper keyboard surround further protect the Chromebook, so it can tolerate drops from heights up to 48 inches (122cm).

These features ensure the Chromebook will be protected whether it takes a tumble while being transported or is accidentally knocked off a desk.

We already have a smartphone / tablet / PC or Mac laptop. Can my child use that?

  • Not at school, to participate in online digital learning on-site at Kaitaia College students will require a Chromebook joined to the KC Chromebook Management system.
  • However, those devices can still be used at home to access the G Suite for Education applications.

Won’t the Chromebook get damaged or stolen at school?

  • Managed Chromebooks can be disabled if lost or stolen to render them unusable till returned
  • Lockers are available to store Chromebooks during interval and lunchtime if they’re not being used.

Difficulties obtaining a device for BYMC at Kaitaia College

It is vital that all of our tamariki start their year with a device.  If you cannot get access to a device for your child then please contact the Kura. The first time to broach this could be during the enrolment meeting.  Once broached, we will work alongside whānau to ensure a device is accessed for the start of the year.

Options for acquiring a Chromebook include

  • Buying the device from a retailer, local or online (Cyclone, Conbrio, Folders, Noel Leeming etc)
  • Organising a hire purchase arrangement with a retailer (Folders, Noel Leeming etc)
  • Working with an external agency, such as WINZ, to access funds.

Insurance policy options

Our experience with BYMC is that some accidental damage will happen, when this occurs to a screen a replacement can cost in excess of $100.00.

The insurance policy included with Chromebooks purchased from Cyclone offers nil excess and comprehensive cover for accidental damage, theft, burglary, fire and loss. For more information please visit

​​​​​​​Where to get a Chromebook

Local Retailers

Noel Leeming Kaitaia

- Folders 

Online Retailers

- Cyclone  Offers a 3yr Material Damage Insurance option. (Recommended)                   

- PB Tech      

March 2023